sketchnote tutorial

  • How to Start Sketchnoting today

    I struggled to start sketchnoting. Although I caught the idea immediately but putting pen to paper felt overwhelming. I don’t want you to suffer the same issue, so here is a simple guide to start sketchnoting today. This could be a useful classroom activity to introduce sketchnotes to students. What are sketchnotes? Sketchnotes are a…

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  • Sketchnote Layouts: The Ultimate Guide

    My biggest obstacle to sketchnoting was arranging information. For a long time, I stayed making “Sketchnotes lite” where I had text (with occasional colour) broken up by the odd image. Discovering sketchnote layouts changed all that. Suddenly the shackles were off and my notes radically shifted. This may not be the case for you; there…

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  • 7 Easy Sketchnoting on iPad Tips

    I’m a real fan of both analog and digital sketchnoting but recently, I’ve found myself doing sketchnotes on the iPad more. So here are some iPad sketchnoting tips that can help you improve your digital sketchnotes. Many of these will work for other tablets. 1. Find an app that works for you There are loads…

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