Sketchnote Gift Guide

Christmas is nearly here. So what better time to get the sketchnoter in your life a gift that shows you know them. Below are a few items that I would bet any sketchnoter would like to receive. Starting with a couple of sketchnoting kits for the new and experienced sketchnoter, then moving on to some pens, paper, books, and digital gifts.

New sketchnoters kit

If you know someone who has just started sketchnoting (or would like to start) then this is a perfect small set with everything they need to start. A guidebook, a good pen and a notebook. Personally, I’d recommend the Sketchnote workbook.

Experienced sketchnoter kit

If you know someone who has been sketchnoting for a while and they are looking for a few superior tools, then this is the set for them. Warning: They may already have their own preferred pens, and so these suggestions may not be the best for everyone.

Pens and Paper



Something to carry all your things in.

  • NockCo cases: the lanier pouch looks like a great sketchnote carrying kit. I have the burton limited edition which has a very similar design and it’s my daily sketchnote cary.
  • The Art Toolkit: Originally designed for urban sketching but still useful for sketchnoting.

Books and inspiration

More great books that aren’t sketchnoting specific.


I made a list of great digital tools for sketchnoting that are worth checking out, but many are expensive. There are, however, some more affordable options.

Anything missing?

Can you see something missing from my list? Leave a comment with your suggestion.

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