Introducing 30 days of sketchnoting

I am delighted to announce that my premium course, 30 days of Sketchnoting is now live and available for students.

After a successful test run, I’ve decided to make it public and let you know a few details about the course.

What is 30 days of sketchnoting

30 days of sketchnoting is a paid online course with 30 days of different sketchnoting activities which grow from easier to more challenging over the 30-day period. These challenges cover

  • the elements of sketchnoting,
  • essential sketchnote layouts
  • Sketchnote challenges (of different topics and ideas to sketchnote).

Each challenge has a video explaining the challenge and giving examples where relevant. There are also related link to useful resources, and a workbook.

Why did you make 30 days of sketchnoting

I made 30 days of sketchnoting because I heard Mike Rohde, the inventor of sketchnotes, talk about a similar idea and I wanted it to exist. I spoke with him about it but for one reason or another, it has been delayed. So, I made my own version.

What is in 30 days of sketchnoting?

30 days of sketchnoting contains

  • 10 lessons and challenges connected to the elements of sketchnotes,
  • 4 different sketchnote layout challenges
  • 16 sketchnote application challenges
  • a downloadable PDF workbook to follow along with the activities
  • videos for each lesson – more to come

What is different between 30 days of sketchnoting and your other courses?

So far, every other course I’ve made has been free, this is the first paid course that I’ve made and it is really far superior. It is the only course that has full video lessons including walk throughs and examples.

There is a lot of crossover with 7 days to start sketchnoting but their aims are slightly different. I made 7 days of sketchnoting as I wanted to provide an option for people who were really taking their first steps with sketchnotes. It was also a way for people who are unsure that they could do a 30 day course to still have an option.

I believe that 7 days of sketchnoting is enough for people to start sketchnoting but it doesn’t cover all the elements, nor layouts and the challenges are different.

In my opinion, everyone should sign up for 7 days of sketchnoting first, give it a go, and then if they stuck to it, they should sign up for 30 days of sketchnoting and really get the full experience.

How do I sign up?

Head over to the sign up page, fill in your details and you are good to go!

I want to start sketchnoting

See you inside

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