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  • Why Procreate Brush Size Memory is perfect for sketchnoters

    Procreate recently introduced the Brush Size Memory tool and it’s a God send for Sketchnoters. Here’s why.

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  • How I listen to and take notes on Podcasts

    I’ve listened to podcast for 14 years, but for 13 of those years taking notes was a pain. Not anymore. Here’s how I take notes while listened to podcasts.

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  • Creating and using a stock sketchnote header template

    Creating a stock sketchnote header template.

    Sketchnoting under pressure can be a real challenge. Having ready to go ideas and templates can help you make something good, quickly, without thinking. You can use templates for the whole sketchnote, but you can also use templates for part of the sketchnote. Recently I came up with a simple stock sketchnote header template that […]

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  • Storyworthy book summary with Sketchnote

    Storytelling is powerful. Everyday we make reference to, our influenced by and retell stories that are part of cultural zeitgeist. The allure of storytelling has directed much of my recent reading as well as book summaries (including my recent Storybrand related book summary) but Matthew Dicks book was different. After seeing Storyworthy in photos of […]

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  • Digital Minimalism Book Summary

    I grabbed a copy of digital minimalism as soon as it came out. After reading Cal Newport’s previous book, Deep Work, I knew it would be good. But there was another reason driving my reading that you may well be able to relate to. I felt like the constant noise of the online world was […]

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  • Hello, My Name is Awesome Book Summary

    Hello my name is awesome book summary hero image

    I’ve taken part in a few brand naming exercises over the last couple of years. Most of these were for products but the need for a good name was the same. While it’s easy to spot a good name in the wild, coming up with one is another matter. For years I had just assume […]

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