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  • Sketchnotes: the ultimate guide to visual note taking

    Learn the what, why and how of sketchnote in this ultimate guide. Explore examples and links to related resources and download a PDF version if you prefer.

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  • 3 Reasons Abstract Sketchnote Icons Are Better Than Obvious Ones

    Most sketchnoters only draw simple icons to represent ideas. While there’s nothing wrong with that, getting abstract brings 3 benefits.

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  • The Life We’re Looking For Sketchnote Book Summary

    A sketchnote summary of the book The Life We're Looking For by Andy Crouch.

    How can we reclaim relationships in this technological world? Andy Crouch’s book “the life we’re looking for” has some big ideas. Here’s a summary.

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  • The Mom Test Book Summary and Sketchnote

    The mom test is the way most of us validate our business ideas. It’s also the exact opposite of what we should do. Here’s what it is, and what you should do instead.

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  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sketchnoters

    Yes, I stole the 7 lessons from Stephen Covey’s classic book and applied them to sketchnoting. They don’t fit neatly in some cases, but it’s a bit of fun and a creative exercise. Enjoy. 1. Be proactive Don’t try to think of how to sketch in the moment. Build a bank of ideas (a visual […]

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  • The Blue Ocean Strategy Visual

    The business world is tough. There are hundreds of competitors out there who are all after the same customers that you are. If you are lucky you’re in a big market so there’s enough customers for everyone. Or perhaps you stand out by being better or cheaper than the rest. But there is another option, […]

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