30 Sketchnote ideas you in 2018

This year I’ve set myself a challenge to try and sketchnote at least one thing each day. This is a great way to develop a skill (in this case sketchnoting) as practicing leads to improving (yes, this is an over simplification but if you want to get better at something, you need to do it! and this is a simple way to do that). The only issue with a challenge like this is finding things to sketchnote. So to help prepare me for my challenge (and give you some ideas) I’ve prepared a list of 30 sketchnote ideas for you in 2018 (I’ll keep adding to the list over time as I come across more good ideas).

30(+) sketchnote ideas for you

  1. A conference talk
  2. A TED talk video
  3. A lesson or class
  4. Make a sketchnote selfie
  5. a review of the day
  6. a chapter in a book
  7. a book review
  8. a film
  9. a meeting at work
  10. a meal
  11. a song
  12. your workspace
  13. a podcast episode
  14. Your CV
  15. A recipe
  16. a quote
  17. a journey
  18. a pro/con list
  19. New words in a foreign language
  20. a new grammar idea in a foreign language
  21. a sports event
  22. Where you live
  23. a biography of someone famous
  24. what’s on your mind at the moment
  25. What you are excited about
  26. What is worrying you at the moment
  27. A project that you are working on/starting
  28. record your dreams
  29. Where you live
  30. a how to guide
  31. Your spiritual practice (bible reading, meditation, attending congregation)

Any other ideas?

So there you have it. 30(+) quick and simple ideas of different things you can sketchnote in 2018 (or any year for that matter). Of course this isn’t a complete list of sketchnote ideas, there are still plenty more options of things which you can sketchnote.

Have you got any other ideas or things which you enjoy sketchnoting? Why not leave a comment and I might add them to the list.

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