• 10 visuals to help you learn more this coming week

    6 years ago, I was an English as a foreign language teacher. I spent 10 years teaching students from all over the world how to communicate in the new Lingua Franca. Although I’ve stopped teaching, I’m still obsessed with effective learning techniques and I wanted to share 10 tips I’ve learned in simple visuals. These…

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  • How I read 3x more books this year

    Growing up, I struggled with reading. As someone diagnosed with Dyslexia, that is hardly surprising. Last year I set my self a modest goal to read more books. My target was a book every month for 2019. I did it, so I decided to set a more ambitious reading goal. Read two books every month…

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  • Ideas Then Art

    I was in a Polish language class last week and so I was obviously sketchnoting my notes for the class. However, there was a problem I came across that I doubt I’m the first person to experience. There were too many things to record in a short space of time. I didn’t have time to…

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