Join us for a eight week journey to start a new habit that lasts a lifetime.

We all know that starting a good habit is rarely easy, meanwhile it’s so difficult to drop bad habits. Even after reading books on habit formation, listening to podcasts with super productivity gurus, and understanding the cycle of habit formation, turning that knowledge into action isn’t easy.

But habits make a massive difference to our lives. Writing everyday can help bring inner clarity as well as a possible book deal, while on the other side, a daily cigarette can bring tragic health consequences.

Taking control of our habits is the closest we can come to planning our future. More than goal setting or developing grit.

That’s why we want to help you get your habits in order.

Introducing Habit Club

Habit club is an eight-week coaching program to start a habit that lasts.

We will guide you through the principles of James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits” with clear action steps while providing guidance on how to apply ideas for your specific habit and situation.

This means you will get a list of steps that you need to do rather than figuring it out on your own.

But that’s only the start. We’ll also hold you to account and make sure that you actually complete DO the actions you say you will.

We have an online community for daily check ins and discussions as well as weekly catch up calls to adapt as we go.

We are kicking off the first version at the start of September, 2020.

We aren’t charging for Habit Club

As this is the first version, we aren’t taking a fee for Habit Club. Instead, we are asking that you make a donation to a charity instead.

This is to make sure that you have some skin in the game and so are more motivated and committed. If you are willing, we can also arrange a “consequential donation” where you a donation to a charity you dislike if you fail to complete your action for the day.

How to join

We are limiting the first group to 5 people (we may run multiple cohorts). We will pick the members based on our own criteria (this is not first come first serve, so we don’t guarantee you will join), we are planning to start the first version in September.

If you are accepted, we will ask you to donate at least $50 to a charity (you can donate more). We have some recommended charities if you need ideas, but you can pick your own cause. Fill in the form if you are interested, and we’ll let you know if you can join the first version.