8 ways to overcome imposter syndrome for good

a sketchnote summary of nick wignall's article 8 ways to overcome imposter syndrome for good.

Imposter syndrome sucks. So many people suffer from it in silence without any help. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

@wignallnick is a clinical psychologist who publishes a newsletter with over 50,000 readers.

In September 2020, he published an article with his top insights on imposter syndrome he’s learned over many years. I made this sketchnote summary of his article as I thought it was so fantastic.

Here are some key points.

  • Imposter syndrome is the feeling that you will be found out as a fraud even though you logically know it not to be true.
  • Imposter syndrome has initial and maintaining causes
  • There are different types of imposter syndrome.
  • Most maintaining causes come from negative self talk
  • Ending imposter syndrome involves being vulnerable and retraining your self talk.

I hope you find it useful (and perhaps you’d like to share it in your stories to help someone else?)