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  • Sketchnotes: the ultimate guide to visual note taking

    Learn the what, why and how of sketchnote in this ultimate guide. Explore examples and links to related resources and download a PDF version if you prefer.

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  • Digital Minimalism Book Summary

    I grabbed a copy of digital minimalism as soon as it came out. After reading Cal Newport’s previous book, Deep Work, I knew it would be good. But there was another reason driving my reading that you may well be able to relate to. I felt like the constant noise of the online world was […]

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  • Hello, My Name is Awesome Book Summary

    Hello my name is awesome book summary hero image

    I’ve taken part in a few brand naming exercises over the last couple of years. Most of these were for products but the need for a good name was the same. While it’s easy to spot a good name in the wild, coming up with one is another matter. For years I had just assume […]

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  • How to Create A Substack Newsletter in WordPress

    In the last year and a bit a few friends have started sending newsletter using either Substack or Ghost. Both offer a similar service with the option to restrict some or no content and provide the rest for free.Yesterday I realised that the same effect could be created using WordPress and at a very affordable […]

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  • How to Make A Linktree replacement in WordPress

    an hand drawn link in bio page.

    Disclaimer: This is not a full like for like replacement for linktree in WordPress, but it can satisfy many people’s needs. The first “Link in bio” like service I came across was Linktree, a tool to help you get around Instagram’s single link limit and instead direct people to multiple sites. At the time, I […]

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  • Why and How I use Obsidian

    In the last few years, there has been an explosion of new note taking apps which only seems to be accelerating. This has been a wonderful blessing to those of us who got fed up with hearing about work chat (and even more fed up with jokes about work chat) and wanted something more than […]

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  • Designing an ideal week calendar

    I’ve heard many people discuss the benefit of creating an “ideal week” template to help guide your planning. While many of us can’t direct our schedules to achieve our ideal week calendars, it provides a useful reference that we can turn to and guide our planning. In the past, I’ve used a google spreadsheet, but […]

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