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  • Sketchnotes: the ultimate guide to visual note taking

    Learn the what, why and how of sketchnote in this ultimate guide. Explore examples and links to related resources and download a PDF version if you prefer.

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  • Brilliant Digital Sketchnoting Tools to Take Your Sketchnotes to the Next Level

    Although analogue sketchnoting tools like pen and paper are great, you’ll probably want to use some digital sketchnoting tools at some point, especially if you are thinking of using what you or your students create online or in a digital medium. As such, you’ll need some digital sketchnoting tools. There are two broad groups, those […]

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  • 4 Fantastic Sketchnote YouTube Channels and Videos to Boost Your Sketchnotes

    YouTube opens up the possibility of seeing a visual note and sketchnotes being created in real time. This is great for us who make visuals or who want to help our students make visuals as well. Seeing the order and items as they are created help. Check out these great sketchnote youtube channels that will […]

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  • The Best Sketchnote Blogs for Your Inspiration

    As great as books are, blogs are also of great value. After all, a good blog will be updated frequently and include more specific examples rather than a general rules of thumbs that you see in books. As such, you should check out these wonderful Sketchnote blogs. Some aren’t education specific and as such, they […]

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  • 5 Great Sketchnoting Books for Education

    One of the things I’ve found really helpful to introduce sketchnoting and visual noting taking into my own teaching, is to look at different fantastic books around using visuals for learning and effective communication. After all, communicating and aiding learning are vital tasks that we do as teachers everyday. These great sketchnoting books can help […]

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  • The Essential List of Analogue Sketchnoting Tools

    Okay, let’s talk analogue sketchnoting tools. While tools aren’t everything, getting the right tools can help you a lot. They can add an enthusiasm for creating you and your students’ sketchnotes. Ultimately, you only need a pen and paper…or pencil…or whiteboard marker. But these analogue sketchnoting tools can open up some creative options and different […]

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