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  • 30 Sketchnote ideas you in 2018

    This year I’ve set myself a challenge to try and sketchnote at least one thing each day. This is a great way to develop a skill (in this case sketchnoting) as practicing leads to improving (yes, this is an over simplification but if you want to get better at something, you need to do it! […]

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  • What Are Sketchnotes? (and Why Should You Use Them)

    Sketchnotes is a term invented by Mike Rohde. He found his traditional note taking methods didn’t work at conferences. He tried to capture everything in written words but it was stressful, he remembered little afterwards and he never revisited his notes. So he tried sketchnoting, where he set some creative constraints to help him focus […]

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  • You shouldn’t “Just Sketchnote” in the Classroom.

    One of the ideas that I think I’ve picked up on in sketchnoting circles is that teachers should just “start sketchnoting” in their classroom. I’ll admit that this might be my misinterpretation of what people say (sometimes we read into things what we want to hear) but I felt like this has come up in […]

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  • How to learn a language on your own with sketchnotes

    As soon as I came across sketchnoting I knew it was suitable for language learning. How? Because I recognized that my own language learning notes were a form of sketchnotes. Instead of using only words, I used icons and diagrams as well as words. That was because I was encouraged not to use my first […]

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  • Brilliant Digital Sketchnoting Tools to Take Your Sketchnotes to the Next Level

    Although analogue sketchnoting tools like pen and paper are great, you’ll probably want to use some digital sketchnoting tools at some point, especially if you are thinking of using what you or your students create online or in a digital medium. As such, you’ll need some digital sketchnoting tools. There are two broad groups, those […]

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  • 4 Fantastic Sketchnote YouTube Channels and Videos to Boost Your Sketchnotes

    YouTube opens up the possibility of seeing a visual note and sketchnotes being created in real time. This is great for us who make visuals or who want to help our students make visuals as well. Seeing the order and items as they are created help. Check out these great sketchnote youtube channels that will […]

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