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  • 4 Ways How To Get Sketchnote Ideas Faster

    It can be difficult to get ideas for sketchnotes at any moment. Luckily, here are 4 ways how to get ideas for sketchnotes faster

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  • What Makes a Good Sketchnote?

    Do you ever look with envy at those insanely beautiful sketchnotes online? Do you wish you could make as good sketchnote as them? If you’re like me, then you weren’t the best artist at school then you may well feel frustrated at not being able to create as beautiful sketchnotes as other people’s. But as […]

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  • Ideas Then Art

    I was in a Polish language class last week and so I was obviously sketchnoting my notes for the class. However, there was a problem I came across that I doubt I’m the first person to experience. There were too many things to record in a short space of time. I didn’t have time to […]

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  • Sketchnote throughout the learning process

    When I first came across sketchnoting, I knew it made sense fo education and teaching. The idea of “better notes” that helped students retain information better seemed like a no-brainer. However, sketchnoting was born from conferences and most modern teaching methodologies don’t treat learning like listening to a lecture and taking note. Instead learning takes […]

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  • Sketchnote Weekly Food Plan

    Every weekend my wife and I sit down and plan the food for the upcoming week. It’s an important but also fun little ritual that is more beneficial than just working out what we need to buy, it’s also about making sure we know what we both have going on during the week. We make […]

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  • Dear Fellow Teacher, Please Let Your Students Sketchnote in the Classroom

    Hi there fellow teacher. I’ve heard that you have some concerns about your students doodling during your lessons. I know it may seem like the aren’t listening or paying attention but I want to assure it isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, they may be off in their own world and not paying attention, but if […]

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