Make Sketchnotes you can be proud of in just 30 days.

Do you see other people’s sketchnotes and wish that one day you could do something half as good?

They seem to effortless ooze talent and capture everything with style while you struggle to write down anything
and drawing FORGET IT.

Do you wish you could do the same?

Make sketchnotes that you want to share with others

That capture the key details in a way that is both clear and artistic?

With 30 days of sketchnoting you learn how to make sketchnotes that you can proudly show to other people.

In just 30 days you can go from NOT a sketch to a Sketches of Note.

I will take you through 30 days of exercises and examples to help you train in the different skills you need to tackle sketchnoting in any situation.

We’ll tackle

  • the struggle for ideas to include in your sketchnote
  • the problem of sketchnoting live (when there’s no pausing!)
  • how to always have a good arrangement even when you have no idea what you will sketchote
  • how to use sketchnotes in your day to day life

What’s Included

  • 30 days of sketchnote assignments to get you sketchnoting.
  • Progress tracker so you know what you’ve done and when
  • Lifetime access to course material 
  • Daily email reminders

Will 30 days of Sketchnoting work for me?

30 days of sketchnoting is based on practical principles I have used to help students start sketchnoting. It progresses from simple elements to more complex as we move along. This helps build confidence and develops themes and skills so that by the end of 30 days, you have a firm foundation in sketchnoting that you can continue to develop.

New Sketchnoter?

This course was designed for you. We’ll start from the very foundations of sketchnotes before moving to how to organise your sketchnotes and then finishing off with combining different skills with challenges. 

By the end, you’ll be experienced in a wide range of sketchnotes and ready to use sketchnotes in your day to day life.  

Unconfident sketchnoter?

Althought this course wasn’t designed for you, it will still help you a lot.

You’ll recap the skills you already have and expand them further. You’ll work on applying these foundational skills into more impressive sketchnotes and you’ll have a change to get really creative.

Sign up today and you can get in on the free trial version of the course before anyone else.

30 days of activities that guide you through sketchnoting, taking a total novice to an experienced pen, or pushing an experienced sketchnoter to try new techniques and ideas.

Don’t miss out, sign up today, you’ve got nothing to lose.